Microcopy & UX Writing Course

I'll take you from UX Writing Beginner to Pro in 6 weeks.


Forget coding - writing is design's unicorn skill

Discover New Career or Accelerate your Current Career

We’re going to help you build a kick-ass UX writing portfolio and ace that interview.

If you’re an experienced UX writer, you’ll be getting pro tips that will take your UX writing to the next level.

Have Someone Hold Your Hand Every Step of The Way

After designing the largest E-commerce came from Israel, created the largest discussion group in the world for UX writers and talked about it in conventions all over the world.

Yuval is going to guide you through the course personally.

All of The Resources and Tools you'll Need To Master UX Writing

Unlimited Access to Premium Content. Your course fee includes ongoing access to our ever-growing UX Writing resources.

In addition, you'll get the UX writer's toolbox bonus package which includes an introduction for all of the tools used by leading UX writers today.

UX Writing Course Plan

Understand the foundation of UX writing and how UX writing can help make a better product experience. You'll also explore a day-in-the-life of a UX writer.

Learn best practices of UX research methodologies and understand how to implement them in your UX writing process.

Create a style guide to serve as a set of content rules ensuring that everyone’s tone and voice stay on the same page.

Your style guide will cover aspects such as grammar, language, formatting, and tone—all the necessary ingredients to compose and present content.

Every word in your app is part of a conversation with your users.

This week, we'll learn practical tips to implement our content style guide within our app design.

There are many ways to create a content-first design. Ultimately, what’s important is to always keep in mind the goals of the business and the user, and to ask if the content helps meet those goals continually.

This week you are going to create your first content wireframe.

Practical tools and exercises to help you write copy for your product interface. This will be a hands-on module where you'll write and revise. We'll also show you how to test your new copy and iterate.

Learn what type of tools you need to make your UX writing game stronger than ever.

Learn to Master UX Writing

We’ll take you from UX Writing Beginner to Pro and help you land the job to match. Whether you have experience in UX writing or not, our 6-week course is guaranteed to give you the skills necessary to thrive in this rapidly developing and exciting industry. Money back guaranteed!


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